Everything you need to know about child support during your divorce process

We know that going through a divorce, no matter the reasons, is emotionally and economically difficult for everyone involved. During the process you will have to go through a variety of legal procedures of California family law, one of them being child support if you have minor child. In order to clear up some of the most common questions around this topic and to ease your way through this legal process we have gathered the must know aspects about this process.

What is child support?

Child support is a court ordered amount that the parents have to pay to ensure the child’s wellbeing by settling the child’s “living expenses”. This amount includes general expenses, education, food, etc. The duration of child support may vary depending on the children’s age. A child is considered to be dependentof their parents when he or she is under 18 years of age or until the child has graduated high school, whatever happens last.

Who determines the child support amount and which factors are considered in calculating child support?

The judge will determine the amount that the parents will have to pay in child support according to some factors, which include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Employment or unemployment of the parents
  • Monthly salary
  • Disability income
  • The number of children both parents have
  • Special needs of the child
  • How much time the child spend with each of the parents
  • Health insurance expenses

On the other hand, the judge will also determine the parent’s physical custody. Usually, the parent with higher income pays for child support. Nevertheless, the more time of physical custody the parent with higher income has, the less he or she will have to pay.

The first step to request child support for your child is to prepare the corresponding paperwork; this can be very expensive if you hire a lawyer to help you sort through the process, or very confusing if you wish to do it on your own without any help. That’s why Your Legal Key has simplified the process for you, making it easy, safe and affordable, so you can present your child support petition with the paperwork correctly filled and without the need to hire a lawyer.