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Your Legal Key saves you thousands of dollars by helping you prepare your legal paperwork while still providing you the peace of mind that your documents are being reviewed by an attorney.

Your Legal Key Can Help You with Either Requesting or Responding to a Restraining Order

Domestic violence restraining orders usually fall into two categories: someone seeking protection and the other defending against a restraining order filed against them. Your Legal Key can help you in preparing your request for a domestic violence restraining order or responding if someone filed a restraining order against you.

Get Your Documents Fast

Restraining orders require quick turnaround times. If you as seeking protection, we understand you need it right away. At Your Legal Key we ensure you have your paperwork within 24 hours.


Prepare your legal paperwork from anywhere at any time. You can access your account 24/7. Our software saves your work progress so that you can come back at any time to complete it or download your forms if you already completed them.

You Can Still Hire an Attorney

You can still hire an attorney at some point in your case if your case requires it. However, by starting your process through Your Legal Key you will have saved thousands of dollars allowing you to use your money to hire an attorney for things such as attending a court hearing instead of filling out paperwork.


Price Comparison

Your Legal Key
Restraining Order $199
Average cost $2,500
Response to Restraining Order $199
Average cost $2,500

Have Questions Regarding Restraining Order?

If you want more information on how the restraining order
process works in California, visit our FAQ section.

Restraining Order FAQ

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